This page is for the University of Wisconsin customers only. The license agreement at the University of Wisconsin requires each FlowJo user to register their computer's Hardware Address with this form. After filling out and submitting this form, your serial number will be emailed to you along with instructions.

First name

Last name

Lab (PI last name ONLY)

Hardware Address-DO NOT include colons

Finding your hardware address: Instructions

Email Address:

The email address below has two fields. Please consider the example below to help you enter your email address properly:

if your email address is in the form
enter 'jane123' in the first field (left hand side) and leave the second field blank

if your email address is in the form
enter 'jane123' in the left field and 'xyz.' in the second field.

Email Address: @ (departmental prefix must have period after it)

Once your registration is processed, this computer will be added to the site license. If you have other computers you would like to add, you have to add them in the same fashion. The serial number will only work for registered computers.

For questions or comments, please contact: Dagna Sheerar. The University of Wisconsin license is solely for the use of authorized staff. Distribution of private information to unauthorized users is unlawful.

Please only submit once. Duplicate registrations will slow down the process for everyone.

If you need a temporary vacation serial number email us your hardware address (see instruction links above) to or request one automatically on the trial page: (automatic, faster)